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When you’re running an event, be it a family party or a business exhibition, there are a number of reasons why adding flooring makes a lot of sense. Adding flooring does increase costs, but there are plenty of benefits.  Here’s four key reasons why you should add flooring to your marquee for your event…

1. Insulation

Especially at this time of year, adding marquee flooring keeps the temperature in your marquee higher; often by a number of degrees. Most events will go into the evening, so its likely you’ll also have heating too. This insulation layer will keep your heating costs down too.

In the winter, when you’ve been standing on the ground for a while, your feet start to feel cold. The chill from the ground comes up through your footwear and into your body, making you feel even colder. Your guests won’t want cold feet and are likely to leave early if that is the case (or talk about you afterwards)

2. Protection from the elements

Parties and events usually mean people arriving in their finery. Getting your shoes muddy is never pleasant and walking in heels across soft ground is going to be tricky.

Rainwater always gathers at the lowest point it can find.  If that happens to be where your marquee is, puddles will form. Something that is never very nice, particularly “indoors”. Even if puddles don’t form, mud and water are often walked into the marquee as people enter and exit.  Finally, the wind has an un-erring ability to find those little tiny gaps and can whistle into the marquee.

Adding flooring to your marquee raises where people stand a couple of inches. We can also add door mats that will keep the mud out and the atmosphere good.

3. Comfort

Nature very rarely provides a flat surface and, after a while, car parks and courtyards develops bumps and cracks too. Uneven surfaces are rarely pleasant to walk and stand on, particularly for long periods of time.

Adding hard flooring provides you, and your guests, with a great, flat, surface. Tables and chairs will sit nicely, with few wobbles too.

If your marquee is being erected on grass, we always recommend you cut the grass just before we arrive too!

2. First impressions

When people walk into your event, a floor (with or without carpet) makes a far better first impression than grass or concrete.

Talk to us about flooring next time you’re thinking about a marquee for your event.  It can make all the difference.

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