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Come rain or shine, a marquee is the perfect solution when it comes to adding extra space for schools and other educational establishments.

Additional space without huge additional costs

The benefits of a marquee are endless. Our versatile marquees have been used for:

Emergency repairs

A burst pipe, or other such issues, can take a classroom out of action for days, weeks or, even, months until it can be fixed. It is often the case that the sooner you can start repairs, the less damage is caused and costs are controlled. In the meantime, where do you put your pupils? Often within 24 hours, we can have a temporary classroom in place for you, minimising disruption for both pupils and staff.

Extra classrooms to accommodate a bulge year

Bulge years are required when the birth rate in a specific area increases and cannot be accommodated within the local schools. However, fitting in at least one more classroom is not always easy. You either lose some of your current space (the library or the hall, for example), or you have to add space. Our marquees can easily provide a secure, weatherproof and networked classroom, and they leave no lasting marks on the school playground or fields.

Sports events and theatre performances

If the school hall is simply too small, or you want to do a festival-style event, marquees are ideal. Without or without wall panels, they can be installed quickly, often within 24 hours, and removed again just as quickly.

Canteens and dining rooms

A temporary canteen allows you to continue serving school meals while adhering to current social distancing rules, and means pupils no longer need to eat in classrooms or in the playground.

Creating more space for social distancing, or Covid testing

Covid testing within schools is also part of the foreseeable future, at a time when space is already tight. Adding a temporary area to carry out testing can be done quickly and we can also provide all the signage, sanitiser stations and testing booths you need.

marquee used for temporary extra space at Kings College in Wimbledon, London

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped schools recently:

Four extra classrooms in South East London

We’ve worked with numerous schools since we started in 2007, including Eaton House School, London South East Colleges and St Anne’s Catholic School. Kingsdale Academy, in South East London, needed more teaching space due to the pandemic and ongoing building works. So, we put forward two solutions for two different sized classrooms. One suggestion was a classroom for teaching up to 35 students and the other a classroom for up to 20 students. We also presented a range of three hire options, for three, six and nine months, with a number of fit-out choices.

After initial discussions about supplying one classroom, the requirement then developed into the need for four classrooms on the school estate. In the end we supplied a mix of structures to maximise the use for the school, including two classrooms for up to 35 students and two for up to 20 students. All classrooms were fitted with solid doors, low energy consumption LED lighting, full-length windows for daylight, hand sanitiser stations, fire extinguishers and sockets for audio visual needs. To create a more useable space we also retro-fitted full-height partitions, so each structure could provide two classrooms when required. Due to health and safety requirements onsite, electric heating rather than oil-fired heating was needed. So, we worked closely with our heating supplier to fit a hot water system, working with the confines of the electricity supply present.

Extra space for a bricklaying workshop and temporary canteen space
As part of their brick laying workshop for students at London South East Colleges, based in Bromley, London, we installed a temporary marquee on their campus. This marquee ensured a safe working environment for the students to learn a hands-on approach to the practice of bricklaying. The marquee size used for this was one of our larger sized marquees at 15 x 15 metres.
To incorporate additional space and an area for the students to enjoy their lunch at London South East Colleges, we also installed a 6 x 18 metre marquee, which included carpet flooring, and for which the marquee was served as use for additional dining space for the students.

An essential place to sing

At Lady Eleanor Holles School, South West London, the first challenge was to create additional space for the music school, so the students could sing whilst socially distanced at two metres. Later, the team at the school also approached us with a second issue; how to create additional space for the Sixth Form. They needed somewhere that could be used for a number of purposes, including an extra dining area and a breakout space.

A beautifully safe solution

A roof-only structure was the answer for the music school, as it would allow the free flowing movement of air while the students sang. The resulting nine-metre-wide structure, without walls, allowed the students to sing their hearts out, whilst still in a Covid-safe environment.

For the Sixth Form Centre, the Trafalgar Team re-assessed the site within 48 hours of the initial conversation and we agreed a structure that would be located on the school pitches. As with all our proposals, we included three fit-out options and tailored flexible hire plans, given the circumstances around the pandemic. We then installed a 12 x 21 metre structure, with a hard floor, solid doors and a thermostatically controlled heating system. To maximise the flexibility of the space, we also supplied a full-height partition, so it could be divided up when required. Due to the time sensitive nature of the project, we worked closely with the facilities team to build the structure over the weekend, so it was up and ready to go when school started the following week.

Built to suit your site, your timescale and your needs

Whatever your site, budget and requirements we have something to help. Our flexible temporary structures can be set up on hard standing or grass and can be tailored to suit a mix of different class sizes. They can also be in place and ready for your students in as little as 24 hours and you can keep them for a few weeks, a whole term or, even, the whole school year.

In addition, we can supply a range of fit-out solutions, from heating and air conditioning to sound or heat insulation, along with a wide variety of soft or hard walling options. We can also offer a selection of floor coverings, such as exhibition carpet or slip-resistant vinyl flooring, which is an essential for canteen areas. Double doors are available too, for ease of access, and all equipment is flame retardant.

team members checking the safety of a marquee for an article about weatherproofing your construction site

Extra room to flourish

So, if your school needs additional space for any reason take a look at our clever marquee calculator for an initial idea of costs. Alternatively, call us on 01932 620060 or email us us to discuss your specific needs and to find out how we can give your pupils a safe and comfortable place to learn, sing, perform and much more.

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