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Over the last year we have had the pleasure of supplying marquees for a number of topping out ceremonies, most recently for 20 Old Bailey and Brookfield Multiplex. These can be inspiring events, marking a significant point in the construction of a new building, or new part of an existing building.  There are many reasons why a marquee can add so much to these events, but first some info on Topping Out Ceremonies themselves.

What is a Topping Out Ceremony?

Topping Out is the term used in the construction industry for when the last beam or equivalent is placed atop of the structure during construction. The traditions lie in Scandinavia, and a topping out ceremony often includes placing an evergreen tree or spruce on top of the building too, to appease any tree dwelling spirits displaced during the construction period! Nowadays, ceremonies like this are performed the world over and it is usually just a good excuse for a celebration. We can’t argue with that!

What happens at a Topping Out Ceremony?

As with all traditions they evolve over time.  Today a Topping Out ceremony can include construction workers signing the final beam, and an evergreen tree or national flag may also be placed atop of the building. The ceremony would usually be followed by a food and drink reception of some sort, for all attending and that is where Trafalgar and JF Marquees can assist.

Who comes to a Topping Out Ceremony?

Basically, anyone involved with getting the project thus far.  Construction workers, architects, surveyors, the clients who commissioned the project etc.  It is also a good chance to invite the media along and if a charity, any patrons.  Topping Out Ceremonies are a great PR opportunity and a great way to spread good vibes about the project and how far it has come.

How can you celebrate this in style?

If you are going to be celebrating and inviting lots of important people to the project, you’ll want to do this in style.  At this point the building will still represent a building site, literally, and is maybe not the vibe you want for a celebratory occasion. A marquee can solve all these problems and we can put one up right where the action is, on top of the building! This means you can escort your guests seamlessly from the ceremony to the reception in seconds, your guests will be able to take in some amazing views and it will certainly be an event to talk about!

Our marquees can be heated and decorated to your requirements and we can even put you in touch with other #eventsprofs to make sure the whole event runs seamlessly.

A celebration on the rooftops of the City

One of the most interesting Topping Out Ceremonies we were involved with in 2016 was at 20 Old Bailey. The event was held in November, so it was essential that guests had the cover of a heated marquee to enjoy these celebrations.

At 20 Old Bailey, the guests enjoyed extensive views of the City of London Skyline.  This was not without its’ challenges. To get the marquee in place we had to have it craned up with a hoist and then, to ensure safety, the marquee was drilled down and weighted. It was a one day build and of course having to rig and derig in central London presents a unique set of restrictions. There was no way this would stop the team at Trafalgar and JF Marquees though, and around 40 guests enjoyed a unique celebration with unrivalled views across London.

If you are getting close to that momentous topping out stage in your building project and feel it should be celebrated, then do get in touch below. We can provide a wide variety of different sized marquees which can be heated and lit to your requirements. Let us help you create a “Top” event for a unique occasion in your build project.

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