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When you need temporary space for your students

Schools and colleges need additional space for many reasons and we have a number of different solutions to fit your medium or long term classroom needs.

Emergency classrooms

A pipe bursting, or similar issue, takes a classroom out of action until repairs can be made.  In the meantime, where do your students go for the lessons that would normally be in that room?

Bulge year classrooms

The impact of local population changes is felt in schools quickly. The need to educate more children than was originally forecast puts pressure onto local authorities and to school management teams, particularly budget pressures.

Additional facilities

When there is pressure on space, something has to give.  Adding more space to your school or college enables you to relieve that pressure and to provide all of the facilities your students and staff need.

Fast and flexible

Marquees can be installed quickly, often within 48 hours, and into whatever space you have available.  Marquees can be whatever rectangular shape you need them to be, from 3 metres upwards, so can go in between other buildings, onto playgrounds or your sports field. Multiple fixing options mean we will not damage any surfaces.

Larger marquees can easily be partitioned into multiple classrooms.

Secure & warm

Solid walls, doors and floors can be installed to maximise security if your classrooms have, for example, interactive whiteboards. They also improve the insulation to keep the space comfortable for your students and staff.

Heating and air-conditioning can be provided in a number of different ways to keep the spaces at the right temperatures.

Use our Long Term Marquee Hire Calculator here

If you need a temporary classroom for your school or college, get in touch. Call us on 01932 620 060 or click here. Our expert team will work with you to design the right marquee and identify what else is needed – furniture, lighting, power and more. See our accessories section for more information.

Case studies

We have worked with lots of schools over the years, providing space for long and short term projects. Here are just a few relevant projects you may want to review.

Rambert School Of Ballet & Contemporary Dance

University of Arts London Chelsea

London South East Colleges, Bromley

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