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As you will know, the hospitality industry was hit hard by the pandemic. Events, festivals and parties – our bread and butter – just stopped. So we had to think quickly about how to generate a new revenue stream.

The great thing about marquees is they are so flexible. They can be used for so many things – it doesn’t have to be for parties and festivals; they can stay in place for weeks or, even, months. So that is what we did. We started hiring out marquees to:

  • Construction companies looking for storage space, for products or changing areas
  • Film production companies needing dressing rooms
  • golf clubs and pubs needing sheltered, outdoor, space for their members and customers

If you didn’t know we did this, sorry. We should have told you before! You can see more details on our sister website: Trafalgar Structures.

Its great that this business pivot has been recognised in our nomination for a Surrey Business Award. We find out on the 18th of November if we’ve won!

Fingers crossed

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