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A marquee is the perfect solution for additional space

Schools and colleges need additional space for many reasons and a marquee is the perfect solution. Whether it’s for an exhibition, a concert, exams or the school prom, it offers a versatile space on the school grounds for as long as you want. They can also be invaluable in an emergency, such as a burst pipe or leaking ceiling, or help cater for a bulge year when extra classroom space is desperately needed.

That’s why we work regularly with educational establishments across the South East to help solve various space issues and create fun events for both staff and pupils.


Our marquees can be constructed anywhere in the grounds with very little disruption. They can also be designed to suit your needs exactly, with adaptable space that can be partitioned off or opened out on a daily basis. Most importantly, they’re a year-round solution that you can have for as long or short a period as you need. Then, when you’re done, it can be down in as little as 24 hours

Trafalgar Marquees really go above and beyond. Setup was quick and painless and they were able to add all the extras we needed including solid walls and heating. I will be using them again and highly recommend them.

Rambert School of Ballet

Our expert team will look after you throughout the whole process. They’ll start by talking you through all the options when it comes to kitting out your marquee, such as flooring, lighting and heating, as well as the huge choice of furnishings.

Plus, for parties and celebrations, there’s atmospheric lighting, coloured roof linings and swags, dance floors, chandeliers, starlit canopies and more. We really do have everything you need to create an event to remember!

Our Case Studies include lots of examples of schools who’ve hired one of our marquees. Plus, if you’re concerned about budget, take a look at our clever Marquee Calculator first, for a rough idea of costs.

Then give us a call, and speak to our friendly expert staff. They’re ready and waiting to help you find the perfect marquee to suit your needs.

Case studies

Rambert School Of Ballet & Contemporary Dance

North London Collegiate School

Lady Eleanor Holles School

Something longer term?

If you need more space long term, visit our sister company Trafalgar Structures to see the range of temporary structures that can provide the space you need for as long as you need.

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