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We get asked lots of different questions about hiring a marquee. To save a little time in the process, we thought we’d answer the most frequently asked questions here. Of course, if we haven’t answered a question you have, please get in touch and I am sure we can answer it for you.

How to get the right marquee for you

What size marquee is best for my event?

For the seating area, allow at least 15sq ft (1.4 sq m) per person and then space for other areas such as food serving, dance floor or bar. Our Calculator will work this out for you and give you an estimate.

If your guests will only be standing, they’ll need at least 8 sq ft (0.75 sq m). Again, think about what else you want in the marquee.

How long can I hire a marquee for?

You can hire a marquee from just one day up, and beyond, a year or more. You can find out more about long term marquee hire on our sister site here.

What is the best style marquee for my event?

We can provide you with a wide range of marquees and temporary structures to meet your needs. Witches’ hats, peaked roof’s, stretch tents, standard marquees and canopies. You can see the full range of styles and sizes we have here.

The best way to work out the right marquee is to give us a call and talk it through with one of our team.

How are the marquees in bad weather?

Our marquees are used year-round so they will withstand pretty much anything the British weather can throw at you. Unless exceptional, i.e. winds over 70mph, you should experience no problems in our marquees. Our marquees are often used to protect projects from the weather, meaning they can stay on schedule.

We can provide heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer to help control the experience within the marquee.

What else do I need for my event?

We can provide flooring, carpets, furniture, lighting, heating and air conditioning for your event. We can also recommend companies we know and trust for toilets, catering and much more.  You can see more about the full range of accessories we can provide here.


Do you supply marquee flooring?

Yes we do. We can supply matting (a close weaved man-made fibre which is sufficient for most marquee surfaces. Friendly to high heels too!). We also provide:

  • Hard flooring
  • Carpet, in a range of different colours
  • Dance floors are popular too.

Our flooring is only hired out with a marquee and you can find out more here.

Do you supply marquee furniture?

Yes we do. We have a wide range of furniture available for hire. Our Calculator lists various types of chair and tables, but we have much more. Furniture items such as sofas, bars and high tables are available.

Click here to find out more and then call us to discuss your furniture requirements.

Do you supply lighting for the marquee?

Yes we do. Our standard lighting is either chandelier or up lighters. However, we can also provide fairy lights, star cloth sky, pinspots, and a wide range of LED lighting. Outdoor spotlights are also available.

See more information here.

Do I need a power supply for one of your marquees?

Our marquees do not need any extra power requirements unless you are providing catering or having a band etc. We can normally run our cables 50m to the nearest power supply. Otherwise, we would need to supply you with a generator or portable power pack.  You can find out more on our Power page.


How far in advance can or do I need to book one of your marquees?

All bookings for marquees are subject to availability, so the earlier you book, the better, particularly for peak periods where availability can be limited. You can read our article on the topic by clicking here. If you urgently need a marquee, please call us to discuss availability.

How soon can the marquee for my booking be put up?

We work with you to ensure that our marquees are put up in a timely manner and we will work alongside you with regards to your deadlines. If you have a tight turnaround time, we can discuss this and how we can work together to get your marquee up as soon as possible.

How soon after my event will the marquee be taken down?

We will work alongside you to agree the most appropriate time to de-rig the marquee.


How much does a marquee cost and what is included in that cost?

Delivery, installation, de rig and collection are all included in our price. Please see our calculator for further details. Your marquee can be as simple or as lavish as you wish.

Are your marquees available to be purchased?

Yes, we have a range of marquees and structures for sale, although this can be subject to lead times. We are also able to build bespoke structures if you have specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss this further.


Do you use electric vehicles?

We are replacing all of our lorries, vans and cars with electric or hybrid vehicles as they come up for renewal.  The average age of our vehicles is less than 4 years.

How much recycling do you do?

We have a strict recycling policy in place in the office and warehouse, diverting as much as possible from landfill.

Whilst marquees are made of PVC, we only replace when we really have to, re-using and repairing whenever possible.

‘The Small Print’

Do you have insurance cover?

An optional damage waiver is added to all marquee quotes, this covers the client against most eventualities subject to our terms and conditions.

Do you have terms and conditions of hire?

Yes, we do. In order to hire our marquees out, we follow an industry led set of terms and conditions. This ensures best practice, and required by our insurers. Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Are the marquees safe?

Yes, our marquees are fully staked and weighted and completely fire resistant and weatherproof. They are made in accordance with EC safety standards. However, to ensure a dry floor in wet conditions we would recommend that you have a hard floor. Trafalgar Marquees is a member of MUTA and is a SafeContractor.

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