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As we usher in the new year, we at Trafalgar Marquees want to look back at 2023 and some of the projects we’ve delivered and what we have achieved.

Back to school – swings and roundabouts in the Education sector

Education was a theme that seemed to bookend the year. Building two 20 meter frames for a bricklaying workshop and a series of intimate classrooms for a junior school in the spring (above) to

dining rooms and walkways in December (below). It’s always a pleasure to be able to provide solutions for such an essential part of people’s everyday lives. We would also be remiss not to mention the RAAC crisis with which affected so many schools and colleges in the latter half of 2023. Having had the chance to work with a number of these schools in the last six months we just want pass on our best wishes and if you are still experiencing issues, please do reach out .

Long live the King…

In 2022 we were honoured to be part of our late Queen’s funeral, providing several tents for the foreign broadcasting services. It was a mammoth task on short notice but ended as a resounding success. So, when we were approached this year to work with the BBC on the coronation we were honoured (and relieved to have more than 4 days notice). When it was revealed that we would take prime of place in the shadow of king George V statue, butting up against Westminster abbey, we could hardly contain our excitement. As you can see below, it was a photo opportunity that could not be missed – our thanks to everyone who worked with us on such a high profile and pressure job.

B-eing the best we can…

We were thrilled to share that in November Trafalgar Marquees achieved B Corp certification , a testament to our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This milestone strengthens our resolve to make a positive impact, and we look forward to embarking on even more meaningful initiatives in 2024. If you want to know more about this journey check out our blog or our sustainability page.

On the big screen!

Working on films always has a sense of mystery about it, often actors and props move around in your periphery but due to the times scales you never know what easter eggs you’ve seen until years later. In 2022 one such film that we had the pleasure of working on was Napoleon, or as one runner referred to it: ‘… just a small period drama… … ignore all those battleships’. Said Battleships appeared in the epic siege of Toulon near the beginning of the film. Thus are the pleasures of marquees – the versatility allows for uses in all kinds of weird and wonderful cases and glimpses into all sorts of curiosities life size Napoleonic ships included.

Old Haunts – Returning to some our favourite spots.

Its always a pleasure being able to work with the same customers year on year and being able to strengthen both personal and professional relationships. Denbies Wine estate (below), with scenery that is more suited to be in Provence or Bordeaux, we provided spaces for a myriad of Fun-runs, Wine tastings and more; At Boomtown festival a luxury Marquee providing respite, right behind the mainstage, for headliners to prepare and recover for the fantastical anarchy that awaits them; Marylebone Music festival (above) and other joyous events in Manchester Square Garden we provided shelter, in both the heart of winter and increasingly sweltering summer, for bands to serenade guests and skilfully replace the noise of the city; And an old favourite, we returned to

Nutmeg Tree to extend their charming Café into their charming garden so that the warmth of their ancient establishment may be expanded during the more inclement parts of the year.

Room with a view – New heights at 4HP

One of the stand out jobs from this year! We worked with the lovely people at No.4 Hamilton Place to create an space on the top of their rooftop terrace in the heart of Mayfair. Looking over the bustling Park Lane with Winter Wonderland in the background and in the beautiful historic building of the Aeronautical Society. We created heated additional room for them to expand their hospitality potential during the cold and wet December we just had. A beautiful example of the protean nature of our structures!

We are really looking forward to 2024, with projects for some schools, some festivals and some big parties already booked in. If you have an event or a longer term space need, give us a call and let’s talk…..

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