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It’s that time of year again and if you’re hoping to throw an amazing Christmas party then you need to get organised. A really great staff party is not only fun but also makes sound business sense. It’s the perfect way to motivate staff for the coming year, help them bond as a team and remind them why yours is a great company to work for.

Let’s get the party started…

There are obviously plenty of options when it comes to finding the right space for your Christmas do, from bars and restaurants to hotel ballrooms or bowling alleys. But finding one that suits everybody can be tricky. And, if you’re looking for somewhere that’s close to work, has all the space you need, is exclusively yours and is ready for any date you choose, then we think we have the answer…

7 reasons why a marquee is the perfect Christmas party venue

1. Exclusive use

A marquee is yours and yours alone, so you can tailor the space to your exact needs and you won’t have to share with loads of other parties. You can have a space that is perfect for you. Our marquees come in a range of widths, from 3 metres to 20 metres. You can then have it as long as you need, adding 3m sections until it is the perfect size for your event. illustration of a 9m wide marquee and how it can be extended

2. The right location

No more sending out maps and hoping everyone finds their way (and makes it home again). Your marquee can go wherever you want and can be secured without any groundworks, if preferred. It can also be fixed to the side of your building, put over decking, put up inside a large internal space or even situated on your rooftop.

3. At the right time

We’ve all struggled to book tables and rooms in the hectic run up to Christmas, and it’s likely many venues will already be booked for key festive dates. With a marquee, whether you want a party in late November, early Jan or any date in December, it’s all possible. The only person in charge of the date is you.

4. Warm, dry and comfortable

We have a variety of marquee sizes and each one can be kitted out to your exact specifications, with heating, lighting, insulation and more. One of the most common heating options is thermostatically controlled heating that ducts warm air into a marquee without sacrificing any internal space. For sites that only have electricity available, we can install hot water boiler systems instead. Alternatively, marquees with open sides can have direct gas/patio heaters to keep everyone warm.

5. Stylish furniture and party essentials

What’s a party without a bar and a dance floor? All our marquees can be fitted with a dance floor and a bar area to really get the party started. Plus, we’ll supply chairs and tables and create break-out areas for people to relax in, away from the dancing.

6. Professional branding

Do you want a more formal do for both staff and customers? The entrances and interiors of our marquees can branded with your company logo and details, for a smart professional look.

7. Fabulous decor

We want you to have a party to remember and we’re the experts when it comes to creating a wide range of exciting themes. In the past we’ve had James Bond themes, Chinese dragons and full Regency styling, to name just a few. Most of our marquees come with an ivory lining but we can also supply coloured roof linings, swags and walls, and even coloured lighting. Alternatively, we have Arabian style interiors too, for a little extra drama. So, whether you want elegant chandeliers and flowers, contemporary minimalism or a retro 1980s’ feel, the choice is yours!

If that sounds like the perfect party venue, then pick up the phone to our expert team who will work with you to find the right marquee. All we need to start with is an idea of numbers. Then we can take you through the options when it comes to possible locations and your requirements for power, heating and more.

Make a start with our clever marquee calculator for an initial idea of costs. Then give us a call on 01932 620060, so we can discuss your specific needs.

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