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The weather is improving, summer is on its way and hopefully so are the customers. So, whether you run a hotel, bar, cafe, restaurant or other hospitality venue, now is the ideal time to work out how to capitalise on these busy months. And, here’s how extending your space can help…

Create extra space with a marquee

Every hospitality business wants to make the most of the higher demand during peak season and the right marquee can help you maximise your revenue while business is booming. For example, if you have lovely gardens, a terrace or a courtyard, one of our many different marquees can make this a usable space for customers day and night, whatever the weather.

Our marquees come in all shapes and sizes to suit any space and installing them takes just a few hours, meaning you’ll start to recoup revenue quickly. We can also build our structures in your car park, your garden, over decking or they can be attached to your main building or existing function space. Even the trickiest space, one with limited access, can be covered with a temporary, bespoke structure. Plus, it’s the ideal way to create something that’s tailored to your exact needs. Space that’s the perfect size and in the perfect location.

Open or clear-sided options

Our range of marquees includes clear-sided options and marquees with clear roofs, so you won’t cut out any natural light or obscure pretty views. You can also chose to have just a roof with no sides, which gives you the best of both worlds. Customers can then enjoy the sunshine and fresh air but keep dry during summer showers.

Furniture, heating and more…

You’ll need furniture to fill this additional space and we can supply everything from tables and chairs to dance floors and bars. Plus, there are lots of options when it comes to lighting, flooring and heating, which can be added as needed, as well as patio heaters for chilly evenings.

Great value, flexible hire periods

You can have your marquee for as long or as short a time as you want. We offer a wide range of hire periods, from weeks and months to years or even just a few days. A marquee is also great value for money, given the increased revenue it will generate. For example, a small 3m x 3m marquee starts from just £220 per week for four months, while a larger 12m x 6m marquee costs from just £306 per week.

Add or take away space whenever you want

Then, once you have a marquee on site, if you decide you want to increase capacity even further at short notice it’s easy to accommodate. Our crew can extend the length of an existing marquee or reduce the size in as little as a couple of hours. A marquee can also be divided up with different partitions to suit your requirements and these are easy to rearrange, should your needs change.

More function space = more overnight bookings

Guests love a party with onsite accommodation but many hotels have plenty of bedrooms but not enough function space to match. A marquee is the ideal way to create additional space and maximise your revenue, as larger events will undoubtedly lead to more bedroom bookings, too.

All finished?

Then, when your peak season starts to tail off, your marquee can be packed away quickly and quietly, as if it was never there. This can also happen at the most convenient time for you and your business.

Try before you buy

Alternatively, if the increase in customers looks set to last and you’re considering adding a permanent extension, a marquee is the ideal way to test the water first. It’s an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to gauge demand, before you commit to a costly and disruptive building project.

Don’t delay…

Lastly, booking early is key. To guarantee the perfect marquee for peak season, get in touch as soon as you can. Our busiest times are usually April to September and over the Christmas period. So, if you want to maximise your event space, your room bookings and your revenue in these months, give us a call!

Contact us on 01932 620060 and we’ll work with you to find exactly the right marquee for your business. Alternatively, make a start with our clever marquee calculator for an initial idea of costs.

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