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When you need a temporary classroom, it is probably a situation that means you need a solution in a hurry. This article looks at 4 reasons why a marquee is a great solution.

When schools need temporary classrooms

Schools need temporary classrooms for a number of reasons:

  • A leaky roof or burst pipe – meaning a classroom cannot be used
  • Bulge years – a bulge in the number of babies born in a year leads to increased school space requirements
  • Adding additional facilities – why take up the school hall for exams when you don’t need to

There are a number of options available to you, but marquees are, in our humble opinion, the best option. Let’s explain why.

Speed of installation

If your school has an emergency, you need a temporary classroom fast. Many of our installations take place the next day, so if your classroom roof does spring a leak, give us a call and let’s see what we can do.

Your alternatives are not great.

  1. Using your school hall takes it out of use for other activities, such as school assemblies or PE lessons.
  2. Cramming more pupils into a classroom, particularly now, will disrupt learning for everyone.
  3. Portacabins take time to get onto site and have a huge carbon footprint, when compared to a marquee.

Getting it to you

If you’re thinking about a portacabin as a temporary classroom option, have you got space for an articulated lorry to arrive, unload and turn around in your school? Will your playgrounds or school fields be able to handle the size, and weight, of such a vehicle?

Our marquees arrive in a van! We unload, assemble and then get out of your way. We take up little space and we certainly don’t leave tyre tracks across your running track or football pitch.

Think of the health & safety issues around having a big lorry on site too!

Customised to your spacemarquee fitted into tight space at St Johns Schoo

Whatever your space, we can build a marquee to maximise the use of that space. Whether it is:

  • long and thin
  • short and wide
  • needs to be attached to the school
  • better with a corridor from the school to the temporary classroom
  • wraps around a corner, even

Whatever your needs, we will make it happen. Try doing that with a portacabin.

Insulated and secureadditional temporary classroom

Marquees are no longer drafty tents with poles and guyropes. The modular construction means adding security doors is simplicity. Whether it is too hot or too cold, providing either heating or air-conditioning is a breeze (pun intended) Solid flooring stops cold coming in from below too.

So if your school does need a temporary classroom, or two, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can solve your problems quickly and easily.

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