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When you’re hosting an event or having a party that isn’t in a building, one of the first things you need to consider is power. You’ll need power for: lighting, for audio-visual equipment and for any catering requirements. Let’s look at the options available to you…

Extension Leads

If you are relatively close to a building (one you pay the electricity bill for), you could run an extension lead from there to your marquee.  The longest extension lead we could find on sale was 50 metres long.  Whilst that may get to your marquee, there are other issues to consider:

Enough power?

Will a single 50m extension lead provide enough power for your event needs?  If you have a DJ for your event, this will probably provide the power they need, but what about everything else? You certainly don’t want to daisy-chain multiple extension leads, as that becomes a major fire hazard.

Health & Safety

Extension leads are a real trip hazard. You can cover with cable covers and cable ramps, mark with hi-vis tape, but let’s face it, its not going to look great!


If you need a lot of electrical power, a generator is almost certainly your best power solution. These are petrol or diesel-powered and can provide all the electricity you need; you simply get a bigger unit if you need a lot of power. We can, of course, advise on that.

One thing to note when you use a diesel generator. The government recently changed the rules, so that you are no longer allowed to use red diesel.  Red diesel is taxed at a much lower level as it is mostly used for agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters etc.), but the powers that be now insist you use normal diesel.

Portable power packs

When you are off-grid, but still need power, there are growing numbers of portable power packs available.  Think of the power pack you have for charging your phone and make it much bigger.  These power packs are simply charged up between uses (if you charge them at night, it will often be cheaper) and then provide the power you need for your event.

Companies such as Bluetti have a range of devices you can buy, if you have a regular need. Alternatively, companies like PowerQuad can rent the packs to you.

If you’re wondering how to provide the power you need for when you next hire a marquee, contact us and let’s discuss. We’ll help you get the right power solution for your event.

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