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If you need a marquee for an event, especially if you’ve never hired one before, the first thing you’ll want to know is how much it costs. In fact, you’ve probably arrived here by Googling ‘How much does it cost to hire a marquee’! Well, you’re in luck, we can help….

How much does it cost?

If all you need is a simple price, then head to our clever Marquee Calculator for a personalised estimate for your event. However, if you’d like to know what’s involved in the cost of hiring a marquee and which elements will make a difference to the overall price, then read on…

The 7 key factors that influence the cost of hiring a marquee

1. Installation and dismantling

Our marquees can be erected in as little as 24 hours and can be taken down just as quickly. The biggest costs here are our trained staff and transportation. Any marquee you hire has to be installed and that means:

  • Transporting it to your location
  • Erecting the marquee
  • Taking it down again after your event
  • Putting it back into storage

2. The width, and length of the marquee

When calculating the cost of hiring a marquee, the overall size is not the most important factor. The width is. The wider the marquee is, the more complex the building and dismantling becomes.

Almost all of our marquee installations will be single-width marquees with one peak in the roof. The widest marquees we have are 25 metres wide. Putting up a wide marquee involves more manpower and takes more time than narrower one.

Also, the longer the marquee, the more time it takes. If you’re considering hiring a marquee, we would always recommend choosing a long, but relatively narrow one, over a wide but shorter one.

3. How fabulous you want it

All our standard marquees are made with white PVC panels, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a standard marquee. We can add…

  • Clear walls and ceilings: These let people see into the marquee, let the sunshine in or let your guests enjoy the views.
  • Starlight roofs: If your event goes on into the evening, how about a starlight roof? Panels with little lights create real wow factor, but they do mean you’ll pay a little bit more for your marquee hire.
  • LED bars: If you’re holding an event, you’ll probably be serving drinks of some kind. And, whether it’s tea or champagne, have you thought about serving it from a light-up LED bar? They look fabulous!
  • Dance floors: What sort of dance floor do you want? Will a wooden dance floor work for you, or do you want the full John Travolta?
  • Anything else you want! Of course, if you have further thoughts on upping the fabulousness, give us a call. We’ve brought in trees and we’ve even positioned one over a garden fountain to really add a feature to an event. Your imagination is your only limit!

4. The number of guests

When hiring a marquee, the more guests you have, the bigger the marquee needs to be. Our Marquee Calculator starts at 10 people, and goes up to 1000. It will automatically calculate the space you need and give you an estimate accordingly.

5. The facilities you need

If your event is going on for a few hours, and there are no suitable buildings near by, you will need toilets. If you’re offering food, it may make sense to add a smaller catering tent next to the main event space. If your event is in the colder months, we can even heat the marquee for you. Of course, all of these will add to the cost of hiring a marquee.

6. How it’s secured

Depending on where you want to put your marquee, we have to ensure that it’s safe and cannot, for example, blow away. The simplest method of securing the marquee is to use the equivalent of long tent pegs, but these have to be driven into the ground. Unless you’re on grass, this is going to damage the surface. If there is a plentiful water supply available, we can use water ballast tanks. If not, we may need to use concrete blocks. As these weigh approximately XXXkg each, there is a cost to installing them that will impact your marquee hire costs.

7. The duration of your event

Lastly, you might expect the length of hire to have a significant impact on the cost, but it really doesn’t. Whether your event is for one day or three, it actually makes very little difference to overall price.

So, we hope we’ve helped you understand the variables that go into the cost of hiring a marquee. Making changes to the first six factors will make a difference to the final price, but changing the duration of the hire period has the least effect.

For more information try our clever Marquee Calculator to get an estimate. Then give us a call on 01932 620060 or contact us to chat further about your specific needs and let us find you the right marquee at the right price.

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