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The Client

Multiplex is a leading global construction company and has used us for a number of projects over the years.

Their needs

The pandemic hit pretty much everyone, including the construction industry. To enable work to continue on one of their central London projects, they needed to provide socially distanced facilities for their team. They needed both additional canteen space and drying rooms.

What we did

Normally a site visit would mean we could quickly work out a solution, but the first lockdown meant this was not possible. However, we developed a two marquee solution that was:

  • Built within the confines of the construction site.
  • Meant all staff were socially distanced.
  • All canteen tables could be spaced 2m, or more, apart.
  • Separate entrances and exits allowed easy flow of people within compromising social distance rules.
  • Existing health and safety measures were all met.
  • Multiplex Construction site.
  • Entrance to Multiplex space.

The Results

400 contractors were able to return to the central London construction site.

Industry sector

Central London

Rental Period

9 Months

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