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Marylebone Music Festival

A marquee for music

What could be more peaceful than spending an afternoon or evening listening to a variety of classical music? Are you picturing a quiet and serene setting, including music ranging from Beethoven symphonies to soloists from the Royal Opera House?  We have been the marquee supplier for this annual event since 2021, held in Marylebone, London.

Setting the scene

On the 22nd – 25th of June this year (usually the 4th weekend in June), the beautiful area of Manchester Square Gardens was transformed. By installing our marquee we covered the space to create a large concert venue. We were more than honoured to work with the team at Marylebone Music Festival. Not only as we have an established partnership with the team there, but also to provide a space to work with lots of artists.

Installation time

Every year, we have a tight turnaround to install a large marquee, usually just one day before the festival goes live. However we managed to provide a warm and inviting space to welcome 200 guests on the first evening of the festival. We also had a short window within which to de-rig the marquee. With the help of our fantastic team and patient client, we got the marquee down quicker than expected, with a happy team on both sides.

What we did

The air was electric, the marquee was full to the brim. The marquee is always without side panels, giving the audience a glimpse of the beautiful gardens. There is an atmosphere of calmness with various fairy lights draped across the many trees within the gardens.

With the vast space at Manchester Square Gardens, we are able to use our larger marquee sizes (15 x 27 metres), to create two main areas. There was an area for the artists to perform on, which required hard flooring and carpets and an area for the spectators of course. This also meant seating was required and we brought in 200+ comfortable bistro chairs to set the formal entertainment scene.

Music to your ears

This is not our first rodeo when it comes to music festivals and it won’t be our last. One of the main aims of our business is not only to create more space but to ensure the happiest clients around, and working with clients that make us just as happy too. Whether you are looking to run a small- or large-scale music festival, or perhaps you would like to host a smaller music event with a private band in your garden, we’ve got your covered.

Industry sector

Marylebone Square, London

Rental Period

Five Days

What the Client said

“Outstanding service. We have found booking the Marquee, flooring, lighting and chairs so easy with this company. Highly recommend them. Thank you to all at Trafalgar Marquees for all your help with our event. We were thrilled with the result of the Marquee and the attention to detail was excellent! Also the taking down was done very well with no damage at all to the grounds! Will definitely be using this company again!”

Jan CassidyCEO, Orion Orchestra
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Photo credit: Edward Baxter 

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