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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Government has created greater freedoms on a number of planning issues. Specifically regarding legislation around planning permission required for marquees and temporary structures.

On 22nd July, Robert Jenrick (Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government), announced changes to the planning laws that will allow marquees and temporary structures to be set up for “at least 56 days without any red tape”.

This means that the time limits in the existing right for the temporary use of land will:

  • Be doubled from 14 to 28 days for holding a market, or motor car & motorcycle racing.
  • Be doubled from 28 to 56 days for any other purpose (such a marquee in a pub garden, or a marquee being used to expand a restaurant)

Read more about the changes in legislation here or call us on 01932 620 060 or email us.

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