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Maximising the space you offer your customers has always been key to increasing your revenue, and never more so than in the last year when many hospitality businesses had to create extra space for social distancing measures.

For many, this temporary fix has also been the ideal way to decide whether a longer term solution should be put in place. So, if you’re considering adding a permanent extension to your business, why not test the water with a marquee first?

Try before you buy

We regularly supply temporary structures to many areas of the hospitality industry, including pubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels, garden centres and more. In the last year they’ve increasingly been used to accommodate more customers and provide a safe, warm and dry space for guests to dine, browse, socialise or wait. They are also an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to gauge demand and check if that longed-for extension is worth the money.

The right marquee will give you space for additional tables, allowing you to serve more guests at any one time. It will also result in more customer confidence, as social distancing can be more easily maintained. Lastly, cover from the sun, rain or snow should help protect revenues throughout the year. So, before you commit to a costly, long-term building project, why not use a marquee to make sure that there is enough demand to justify expansion?

W6 garden centre cafe inside of marquee seating with people
Outside premises set up with marquees as restrictions for outdoor hospitality eased


Attracting more customers with the right marquee

Our expert team recently did just this for The Nutmeg Tree, a busy cafe in the South Downs in East Sussex. The brief was to provide additional space in its garden over the winter, which was normally unused during the colder months of the year. We built a 4.5m by 6m marquee onto the back of the café, in a tight garden space, and created room for six more tables. This allowed the cafe to drive additional winter revenue and revealed there was clearly enough demand to justify the extra space.

The perfect setting

Southwick Park Golf Club, near Portsmouth, also tasked us with creating more room for its café, to accommodate last year’s tiered restrictions. So, we supplied a 6m by 9m marquee, with open sides, as an outdoor café area and somewhere for golfers to relax after a game. Again, this gave the café greater flexibility and allowed it to make additional income during the tiered restriction period.

A room with a view

At a garden centre in Chiswick, West London, we were able to create extra seating space that was totally in keeping with the beautiful surroundings. W6 Garden Centre was looking to increase capacity over winter, and wanted a solution that would cover an outside patio area but still allow customers to enjoy the beautiful garden.

In order to preserve the look and feel of the location and be sympathetic to the surroundings, we created a covered area with clear window walls and clear gables, which allowed light to flood in. Guests could then enjoy the winter sunshine and uninterrupted views of the garden along with their hot drinks and award-winning food.

Cover to suit every area

Our marquees come in all shapes and sizes to suit any space and installing them takes just a few hours, meaning you start recouping revenue quickly. We can build our structures in your car park, your garden or they can even be attached to your main building, so nobody gets wet when bad weather arrives.

There are also a wide range of options when it comes to heating, lighting and flooring, which can be added as needed. We can even supply hand sanitising stations and tables and chairs, if required. Then, when you’ve made your decision about your extension, a marquee can come down just as quickly as it went up!

A simple, easy and effective solution

So, before committing to an expensive building project, why not make sure the numbers add up? The right marquee can be a cost-effective and hassle-free way to try before you buy, so check out our clever marquee calculator for a rough quote. Alternatively, call us on 01932 620060 or email us to discuss your specific needs and to find out how we can help your business grow.

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