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TV programmes and films are filmed across the length and breadth of the UK. Lots of stately homes and castles make it onto our screens (big and small). Lots of pretty villages and desolate moors and mountains (think Harry Potter and James Bond’s Skyfall) do too. Filming when on location has its challenges though – suitable spaces. If you’ve already visited our TV & Film page, you’ll know that we’ve worked with all the major UK TV channels and plenty of film production companies.  Here’s why…

Somewhere to base the team

Particularly for news stories, having a base for the team that is close to where the news is unfolding is vital. Somewhere for everyone to meet and plan what is going to happen. A place for equipment to be stored and for people to relax when it’s a long day.

Getting a marquee into areas around places like Westminster Abbey or the Houses of Parliament is far easier than other solutions. Something we’ve done for the BBC, ITV and some German TV channels too for the coverage of the Queen’s funeral and the King’s coronation over the last couple of years.

Green rooms

When not filming, people need space to rest, relax and refuel. Erecting Green Rooms (even when our marquees are white!) wherever they are needed is simple. When a production needs a really remote location, its simply not practical for people to drive to and from the nearest hotel. The production schedule has to be completely flexible to ensure scenes are produced precisely to the director’s wishes. If that means a few more takes, you run the risk of having lots of people either waiting around – or not being there when it’s their turn.

A marquee can be whatever size you wish and be supplied with all the comforts needed.

Make up and changing rooms

We’ve provided changing rooms and make-up areas for everything from movie sets to fashion shows. Lots of people, multiple outfits and different looks make these areas some of the busiest on any location shoot.

Clearly defined areas for each function, as well as providing separate gender changing areas, are easy to create from our collection of uprights and PVC!

Making a location viable

A stately home/castle may have rooms (they may not as well) available for behind the camera work. If you need to film for days, or even weeks, in a more remote location, you need to have the full range of facilities and spaces required. A fleet of RVs isn’t going to be viable. Creating enough space using portacabins would mean a dozen (or more) HGVs interacting at the location. One of our lorries carries enough to produce a big marquee (at least 20m x 30m). More than enough space so the location becomes a viable one.


Our previous article gave you 5 reasons why marquees make more sense than alternative solutions. If you missed that, you can read it here. If you are currently planning what’s needed for a film location, get in touch or call us on 01932 620060. Let’s talk through your needs and develop exactly the right solution for you.


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