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Marquee security

When you are using a marquee for more than a single event, especially if you are storing things in there, you want to be confident it is secure. At Trafalgar, we have several different ways to provide the marquee security, and peace of mind, you are looking for.

Limiting opportunism

Out of sight, out of mind is the saying, and it is so very true. Detering opportunists can be accomplished by something as simple as closing marquee doors. Zipping the PVC doors shut will slow people down (in and out).

Adding security features

Locking doors

Adding lockable doors increases the security of your marquee (you keep the key) when you are storing things in there. People will think twice before trying to break in. The doors are attached to the PVC panels by …..

Solid walls

Building the marquee with solid walls, locking doors and a PVC roof will further increase marquee security. The walls have better thermal properties too, so it may be warmer inside too.


Whilst CCTV cannot stop someone, it does act as a deterrent. We can provide internal and external CCTV, including signage, to deter people and, if necessary, provide evidence of any theft or unwanted activity.

Alarm systems

When nobody is in or around the marquee, you want to know if someone does go into it. We can provide alarms to deter/scare potential thieves and to alert people if something happens.

Fire alarms

Fire alarms will give people valuable moments to either get out or recover items within a marquee.







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