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Power for marquees

It is rare that there is no need for power within a marquee.


Unless your event will be finished by the time the sun goes down, you’re going to need lighting internally and/or externally. The more lighting you need, the bigger your power requirement.


If you have a DJ for your event, they will definitely need a power supply. Running a presentation or showing a film will need power for both the computer and the projector.


Whether food is being prepared or drinks are being chilled, power is needed.

Power solutions

Extension leads

If practical, you may be able to run an extension lead from a nearby building. There are practical and health & safety restrictions on how you do this and how much power can be provided to your marquee in this manner.

A three-phase power supply is recommended.


image of generator providing power for a marquee

We can provide a range of diesel generators to provide the power you need for your event.

Call us to discuss your power needs to ensure we have the right generator for you.

Portable power

portable power unit being used by DJ

Portable power units are a great source of power, removing the need for power cables all over the place.

If you’re interested in this power source, let’s discuss your event to calculate the best solution for you.







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