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Marquee Heating

Keeping your guests warm

There is a popular, and generally misguided conception about the features, benefits and needs for heating of a marquee. Many a seemingly successful summer event can be ruined by the rush for extra layers as the sun sets. Please be aware that many guests fail to bring coats or wraps to summer events: in our opinion, nor should they need to. That’s where our marquee heating options come in and where we are able to offer marquee heaters for events big and small!

A key element to consider are the sunset times, please do drop us a line and will send you a copy of the latest sunrise and sunset times. Whilst you are here, it is worthwhile to note that these are also extremely relevant when considering your marquee lighting).

Our marquee heaters are installed and maintained by specialists. They have researched and development an innovative heating portfolio. Not only are these heaters silenced, but also barely visible within the marquee, with covers to discreetly sit outside the marquee and thermostatically controlled. It is often said that these are a far cry from other marquee heating systems available.

For larger scale events, we can also offer more substantial marquee heating options to re-circulate the air within the marquee. In addition to this, we can also offer air conditioning systems, should the heat of the summer be a concern.








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