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Make weather disruption a thing of the past with the right marquee

The UK’s changeable weather is always challenging for businesses. In summer, seating areas and construction sites are deluged with rain one week and need protection from a heatwave the next. Then, in winter, we have everything from freezing snow and ice to mild spring-like temperatures.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change the weather or make the forecasting more accurate. What you can do is remove the unpredictable effects on your business with the right marquee…

Year-round protection

In the summer months a marquee is a versatile way to keep your staff comfortable and ensure that work can continue. For example, a covered area provides shade and sun protection so employees can work more effectively and customers can relax out of the heat. We can also add air conditioning to marquees with sides, to keep temporary classrooms cool or make sure canteen areas are a pleasant space to work in.

In the autumn and winter months a marquee is the ideal way to stop rain (or snow) spoiling play. On a construction site, a marquee allows work to continue unhindered. In a pub, restaurant or cafe it means customers can still be seated outside.

Warm and cozy or cool and breezy?

A number of different heating or cooling solutions can be supplied, too. When the weather’s warmer, air conditioning can be added to keep everyone cool. Then, when temperatures start to dip, patio heaters are a great way to keep marques with open sides warm. For a closed marquee, we have oil-fuelled heaters, which are positioned outside the marquee to create a flow of warm air that is ducted inside.

Lighting, insulation and more

Did you know that marquees can be insulated, too? This minimises heat loss and makes the heating system more efficient, reducing costs. Then, when the sun goes down, there are plenty of lighting options so work or socialising can continue late into the night or early in the morning. No power? No problem! We also supply generators for those who need them.

A quick fix

What’s more, our marquees can be installed in just a few hours and taken down just as quickly. Our temporary structures also require no groundworks. They can be placed on grass or hard standing (such as car parks) and even in tight spaces with limited access.

Flexible hire periods

So, whatever the size of your business, there’s something to suit. We offer a number of standard structures for every type of project and we can also create bespoke options to suit your specific needs. Plus, whether your timescale is months or just a few days, we have the answer. We supply a plethora of temporary structures for the hospitality and construction sectors, as well as schools and hospitals. These span a wide range of hire periods, from just a few days, to months or even years. Our temporary structures and buildings include everything from additional space for pubs, cafes and restaurants to workshops, canteens, warehousing and security control rooms, too.

Find your marquee

So, a marquee could be the answer to avoiding weather-related delays, keeping customers comfortable or finishing your construction project. Just take a look at our case studies and testimonials for more examples of how a protective structure can minimise the effects of the unpredictable British weather.

Try our simple Marquee Hire Calculator Tool for an idea of costs. Alternatively, contact us directly on 01932 620060. Then we can discuss your exact requirements and explain how we can help.

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