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We know everyone is very aware of the rising costs of everything from food and energy supplies to labour and raw materials at the moment. But we wanted to take a minute to explain how this directly affects our business and why, like many other businesses around the UK, Trafalgar Marquees has had to take the difficult decision to raise prices a little.

Labour and installation costs

Our marquees can be erected in as little as 24 hours and taken down just as quickly. The biggest costs here are our trained staff and transportation. Any marquee you hire has to be installed and that means transporting it to your location, erecting it, taking it down again after your event and putting it back into storage.

We pay our experienced staff a fair wage, as they’re also dealing with the increased cost of living. Plus, the knock-on effects of Brexit mean that the staff who, in previous years, would have come from abroad are now not as readily available.

Petrol prices

We’ve all had a shock when filling up our cars recently. As mentioned above, transportation is one of the key factors influencing the overall price of our marquee hire and higher prices at the pumps have a big effect on the total cost of installation.

Raw materials

The double whammy of Brexit and mounting inflation means that any raw materials we use now cost more to purchase, more to import and also more to transport. We import materials such as flooring, carpets and the marquees themselves, and this process has become more complex and costly. Carpets in particular, which we use to keep many of our marquees comfy and warm, have increased in cost significantly.

Fuel for heating systems

Everyone is struggling with the higher price of gas and electricity and we’re no different. Our marquees require good heating systems, particularly in the winter months, and the price of the diesel required to run our generators has gone up. On top of this, diesel generators could previously be run on red diesel, which is over £1 cheaper per litre than normal diesel. New rules on the use of red diesel mean that this is no longer an option, and have more than doubled our generator-running costs overnight.

High quality marquees and excellent service

Given all of the above, in order to maintain our level of service and our high-quality, well-maintained marquees we have had to raise our prices. That said, our marquees are still great value for money and a cost effective way to host an event, create additional space for your business or streamline your construction project. So, we hope we’ve helped you understand the variables that go into the cost of hiring a marquee. If you have any queries about our prices or would like some advice on the most affordable options for your business or event, then contact us or give us a call on 01932 620060. Let us find you the right marquee at the right price.

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