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Many people don’t even consider having this party outside of the summer months, simply because the weather cannot be trusted to be warm and pleasant. Hiring a marquee makes that problem go away, especially as we can ensure your guests don’t get cold.  Here’s how to keep your marquee warm for a party.


The most obvious way is to add heating to your marquee. You cannot simply use a number of gas-powered patio heaters, because the CO2 would get trapped inside – and that’s not a good idea.  Our warm air heating systems provide all the heating you need, and do it safely.

Our hot water heating systems simply plug into your power supply and are thermostatically controlled to make sure everyone is toasty!

heating system used in Rambert Ballet School


After a long winter, the ground temperature gets very low. That chill can easily be felt by your guests through their shoes, even those with heels! Putting down hard flooring creates a barrier between the chill and your guests. Depending on what type of event you’re having, you may even want to add carpeting to some, or all, of the marquee – probably not on the dancefloor if you’re having one, though!

Your choice of chairs

You may not think of chairs as a way of keeping your guests warmer, so let us explain. Particularly in the cooler months, your choice of chair is important. We supply, generally, two different types of chair: samsonite (foldable) chairs or Chiavari (with a padded seat) chairs. Whilst it may just be a perception thing, padded chairs feel warmer than hard ones.

We have provided sofas in the past too. They would be ideal if you want to create cosy areas for people to sit and chat.

Door position

Doors are wonderful things. They open and let people in and out. In the cooler months of the year, they can also let the cold and the wind in. Whilst it may not always be possible to do, positioning the door away from the prevailing wind can make a difference, especially to people sat or standing near to the door!


So if you have a birthday, an anniversary or other special occasion coming up, there is no reason why you have to have the party in a hotel, or other venue. Having your party at home, in the Winter or Spring, is no longer an issue. We hope our suggestions on how to keep your marquee warm are useful for you.

Get in touch to find out more, or use our Marquee Calculator to get an indication of pricing.

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